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Dear Scumbag Scammer:

Are you a moron or do you think I am? As much as a financial windfall would be welcome, and needed, there is no freaking way I am falling for this. I will not be contacting you to make financial arrangements to collect the proceeds from the estate of, my long lost and, nonexistent relative.  […]

Wednesday, February 16th

People Not in the Headlines

  The ongoing financial crisis in this country has a cast of evil characters. These crooked greedy titans are taking center stage and stealing the scene from the rest of the cast. The rest of the cast is made up of the countless people quietly working to help others and make this a better place […]

Friday, February 4th

TV News and the Duh Factor

People supposedly knowledgeable about TV news wrote this recent headline in their daily newsletter. “Tucson Stations Cover Tragic Shooting.” Really? Tucson stations covered major breaking news in their city? Remarkable. These are the same people who write a column giving TV newsrooms advice on writing compelling teases. If that weren’t lame enough, the same folks […]

Monday, January 10th

Snooki the Author?!

I am shocked you are actually reading this. After all I am not Snooki (thank God!) and this is not being promoted by a “reputable” publishing company. Yes, today is the day Snooki becomes a published author with the release of her book. You didn’t know that? Congratulations. I would like to say I don’t […]

Wednesday, January 5th

A Yankee Christmas

Movies, advertising, and story books have influenced generations of American children in how to visualize the ideal American Christmas. The iconic Coca Cola Santa comes mind; after all it is the south who introduced the world to Coke. Bing Crosby introduced the song White Christmas to the world in the movie by the same name. […]

Monday, December 13th

Marriage Texas Style

I had fun at a wedding recently. Now the cynical among you are saying it is because I was not the one getting married or the one paying for it. A very nice young lady, who I will describe as an honorary niece, married a man from a large extended family.  To see how my […]

Friday, November 26th

Relax and Enjoy

Now this is the ultimate Thanksgiving morning walk.

Thursday, October 21st

Thanksgiving Round One

OK people the holidays are coming, it is time to get busy. My friend Diane calls this the “high decorating season.” No matter what you call it I suggest you get a move on. I have already had Thanksgiving dinner and started my Christmas shopping. Yes, I said I have already packed on the Thanksgiving […]

Thursday, October 21st

Who, What, When, Where, and Why

Do you ever get the feeling everyone has a story to tell except you? When I read the memories written by others, be it in book or essay form, I always think their lives are more interesting than mine. Today someone asked me a question about my childhood and I thought my answer would bore […]

Saturday, October 2nd

The Interview Question

I decided about thirty seconds into the interview session I did not want to work there. Call it a gut feeling something was very wrong with what I was being told. As I was giving more details to friends, they kept asking why I didn’t just walk out before we got to the question and […]

Sunday, September 19th