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Tiny Random Photography Sampling

Friday, June 8th

Relax and Enjoy

Sunday, September 25th

Relax and Enjoy

Now this is the ultimate Thanksgiving morning walk.

Thursday, October 21st

Wakulla Springs

Well I didn’t get my promised swamp tour but this was really cool! Scenes from two Tarzan movies and the “Creature from the Black Lagoon” were filmed here.

Monday, August 9th


Never forget. Hope that one day, mankind learns.

Monday, May 31st

Southern Humor

This recently appeared outside my local produce market (Marvins) in Columbus Georgia

Sunday, March 28th

Moving Day

Sunday, March 7th

The Traveling Overalls are Ready to travel Again

The traveling overalls have completed their work on my house in Portland. The gym, office, library is now an office. The guest bathroom with the exposed duct work and the paint job that could at best be described as a mistake has been spruced up. You have seen the rooms in this video in their […]

Sunday, October 18th

Christmas as it Should be

It is said a picture is worth a thousand words. I posted a picture on my Facebook page of my downsized and stored holiday decorations .I got more comments on this than any thing I have ever posted. In this week’s blog I tried to explain why I can’t part with any more of […]

Sunday, September 13th

Last day of Work

I have joined the unemployed. I was working in TV. This is likely due to the fact I watched The Mary Tyler Moore Show at an impressionable age. When that show went off the air it ended with everyone losing their jobs, how prophetic. In the final episode everyone walked out the door crying in […]

Sunday, August 16th