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Creative Fire

The problem with a successful creative learning venture is it fuels the fire to make more, more, more! I know you are thinking, isn’t that what is supposed to happen? I just got back from a weekend of art workshops. I took an afternoon class in torch fire enameling and a brief class in lamp […]

Friday, April 12th

Artist Satement

A childhood spent working in little theatre and a professional career in television, tends to make me see things a little differently. I believe it takes a diverse viewpoint to really understand and relate to the world around us. I am always keenly aware of light, shadows and reflections. As we interact with others, we […]

Monday, June 4th

Hands Of Clay

“I don’t think this looks right.” These are words I utter every time I am in a class trying to learn how to do something. A group lesson has become as terrifying for me as public speaking is for many others. I don’t know what possessed me to sign up for a pottery class. It […]

Monday, March 5th

Flipping Careers

Like most profound moments, this one started simply enough. I was watching an acrobatic equestrian act with a friend….hey some days just are more interesting than others. The group had just announced they were fifth generation circus performers when my friend asked me if I remembered her telling me about writing a feature article on […]

Tuesday, December 13th

I’M Back!

I didn’t exactly plan to take the summer off from blogging, I got distracted. I know, hard to believe isn’t it? I have been learning a new art form called encaustic. As a medium, encaustic art has been around for centuries although many of us have been unfamiliar with it until the last few years. […]

Saturday, September 24th

On Behalf of a Grateful Nation

General Patton said, “Let me not mourn for the men who have died fighting, but rather, let me be glad that such heroes have lived.” The names of soldiers who died in service to our country are etched on marble stones. Their names are chiseled at the base of monuments, and 58,267 names glisten on […]

Tuesday, May 31st

These Boots Were Made for Rushing

There are times when you are sure you must have left this planet for another one. Often this observation comes when you have no clue, for some reason, what others around you are talking about. Or maybe it is one of those times when you feel that you just don’t fit in. A simple trip […]

Tuesday, April 5th

Driver Beware!

I didn’t do anything wrong. Yet there I was, wasting time I will never get back, in traffic court. I was there to make sure the charges were not dropped for an at fault driver. What you hear in traffic court would scare the wits out of most drivers if any ever bothered to sit […]

Tuesday, March 15th

Dear Scumbag Scammer:

Are you a moron or do you think I am? As much as a financial windfall would be welcome, and needed, there is no freaking way I am falling for this. I will not be contacting you to make financial arrangements to collect the proceeds from the estate of, my long lost and, nonexistent relative.  […]

Wednesday, February 16th

People Not in the Headlines

  The ongoing financial crisis in this country has a cast of evil characters. These crooked greedy titans are taking center stage and stealing the scene from the rest of the cast. The rest of the cast is made up of the countless people quietly working to help others and make this a better place […]

Friday, February 4th