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Actually Applying For A Job

Well here goes nothing! I actually applied for a real job this weekend.  I have to say there is hope in actually stumbling upon a job you are uniquely qualified to perform. However there are many scary things associated with applying for this particular job. I think the number one scary part was the fact […]

Monday, March 30th

Professional Procrastination

I am dizzy from spinning in circles.  I walk into a room and spin like crazy trying to decide exactly what to tackle next. I have lists. I have so many lists I have an index of lists. I have a list of things to repair on the house. I have a list of kitchen […]

Monday, March 23rd

Writing a Resume or…. Not

OMG! Finding a new job must be even harder than I thought it was going to be. I have been educating myself on how to write a resume (it’s been awhile) and how to find a job. The amount of information available on this subject is daunting in and of itself. Today you need to […]

Monday, March 16th

Clearing Out Valuable Stuff

There is an unforeseen upside to this whole lose my job, maybe having to sell my house, and relocating.  I am being forced to sort through, re-evaluate, and part with “valuable” stuff. I have never lived in one place this long. I have a three- bedroom house with a basement, my very first basement.  All […]

Tuesday, March 10th

Tax Codes Oh My!

Rep. Earl Blumenauer 729 NE Oregon Street Suite 115 Portland OR 97232   Dear Rep. Blumenauer:   Far be it for me to understand the tax code well enough to suggest the IRS get a reality check. However, one can assume, I can rely on information from my accountant.  As this country tackles our current […]

Monday, March 2nd

Getting Started

Joining the unemployed this day and age is not for the faint of heart.  I am glad I am not in charge of fixing this mess. I wish President Obama and his team success; my future depends on it.  I have always believed in the adage when one door closes another one opens.  Finding that […]

Monday, February 23rd

Hello world!

Obviously this is still under construction. I have things to say but I am still learning how to post and build this site. Stay tuned for my words of wisdom (or words anyway).

Saturday, February 14th