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Actually Applying For A Job

Well here goes nothing! I actually applied for a real job this weekend.  I have to say there is hope in actually stumbling upon a job you are uniquely qualified to perform. However there are many scary things associated with applying for this particular job. I think the number one scary part was the fact […]

Monday, March 30th

Professional Procrastination

I am dizzy from spinning in circles.  I walk into a room and spin like crazy trying to decide exactly what to tackle next. I have lists. I have so many lists I have an index of lists. I have a list of things to repair on the house. I have a list of kitchen […]

Monday, March 23rd

Writing a Resume or…. Not

OMG! Finding a new job must be even harder than I thought it was going to be. I have been educating myself on how to write a resume (it’s been awhile) and how to find a job. The amount of information available on this subject is daunting in and of itself. Today you need to […]

Monday, March 16th

More Work for the Traveling Overalls

As my unemployment date looms even closer, I contemplate each dollar spent on getting my house ready to sell with surgical precision.  I do this while growing angrier with various honchos in corporate America lacking the integrity to do likewise.  It was fun to shop at the big box store for a new vanity for […]

Monday, March 16th

Clearing Out Valuable Stuff

There is an unforeseen upside to this whole lose my job, maybe having to sell my house, and relocating.  I am being forced to sort through, re-evaluate, and part with “valuable” stuff. I have never lived in one place this long. I have a three- bedroom house with a basement, my very first basement.  All […]

Tuesday, March 10th

Insurance From the Cyber Cafe

Insurance updated: By the time I was ready to post I had the numbers for COBRA. Getting them in writing was a missing piece of the puzzle. Expense wise, it is now the way to go but there are limitations if you are considering relocating. At least this has bought me some time. I think […]

Tuesday, March 10th

Do Taxes or Stage House?

Please feel free to use any part or parts of my letter to write your representative. To get the information you need Google “write your representative” or go to There you will find everything you need as well as an e-mail address to send your letter. Also the following link takes you to a […]

Monday, March 2nd

Tax Codes Oh My!

Rep. Earl Blumenauer 729 NE Oregon Street Suite 115 Portland OR 97232   Dear Rep. Blumenauer:   Far be it for me to understand the tax code well enough to suggest the IRS get a reality check. However, one can assume, I can rely on information from my accountant.  As this country tackles our current […]

Monday, March 2nd