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Job Fair….Not!

Recently I attended a job fair as a hiring manager for the company getting read to lay me off. Yes, once again I must point out how much of my life is spent living in irony.  But wait, it gets better. The only “jobs” we had to offer were the very jobs booting people out […]

Tuesday, April 28th

Team Resume

Before I go off on this week’s topic I had a thought. We still do not have a celebrity spokesperson, but I am thinking we should start a campaign to have Jon Stewart speak for our cause.  Maybe we could organize a letter writing plea to his web site. How cool would it be to […]

Tuesday, April 21st

De-clutter or not de-clutter

  Behind the Scenes   I am making a resolution. Every year I am going to examine all of my stuff as if I were going to move sometime within that year. Granted, it is difficult to purge craft “stuff” because today’s useless item can be tomorrows “ah ha this is perfect” thing. That said; […]

Tuesday, April 21st

Google Your Way to a New Career

I Googled “find jobs” I got 210,000,000 hits. I Googled “write resume” and got 11,000,000 hits.  Thinking globally, I Googled “how to write a CV” and got 272,000 hits.  I Googled “unemployment” and got 43,200,000 hits.  I Googled “change careers” and got 929,000,000 hits.  It is clear to me I could spend days, weeks, or […]

Monday, April 13th

Spooky to Storage

I used to call this storage space the spooky room. Before there was light I was afraid to go in there. The wine was stored so all I had to do was reach in a grab a bottle. My preferred method was to send my guests down there to choose “something they would like.” I […]

Monday, April 6th

What is My Password?!!

Passwords Sometimes I am too clever for my own good. Knowing that you basically can’t do any business in today’s world, or worse, might be unable to come up with any cash in an emergency; I cleverly hid a list of passwords, somewhere. The key word here: somewhere.  The list itself is so clever you […]

Monday, April 6th