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Cable and Internet Service, What a Bargain!

I haven’t been blogging but that does not mean I have not been busy.  There is progress on the upstairs bathroom so I can get the house ready to sell; to see the progress click on the video.  I don’t understand how so much time can be spent “doing stuff” with so little to show […]

Sunday, May 24th

Bathroom… “Progress”?

There is a lot of work to be done, but the mess really does mean progress.

Sunday, May 24th

Cockeyed Optimist

Opening my e-mail is a lot like Christmas morning and since I am the queen of all things Christmas, that’s saying a lot. Your gifts come wrapped in links to job postings.  Some of you have asked if I have actually applied for a job. The answer is yes. No, I am not providing details. […]

Tuesday, May 12th

Blog Block?!

“Sewer Stimulus”. That headline greeted me on my desk top this morning.  I had been fretting all weekend because I did not have idea one for this week’s blog.  There was nothing new on the job hunting front. I spent most of the weekend doing yard work and trying to convince a very determined pair […]

Monday, May 4th