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Job Surfing Withdrawal

I have decided to take a mental break from job hunting this week.  I am not going to visit a single web site with job postings. I am half way through day one of this mental health break and I feel as though I am on some sort of withdrawal program for addicts.  I did not […]

Monday, June 29th

Trash Heap to Museum

I am not becoming an eccentric collector of useless stuff. Quite the contrary, as it turns out. I am building a living history collection. Who knew? How did I come to this revelation? Let me introduce you to the Zimmerman family courtesy of the Fairview-Rockwood-Wilkes Historical Society and the City of Gresham Oregon. In […]

Monday, June 22nd

Bubbling Weeds

I took some time out from job hunting and working on the inside of my house (will I EVER get it ready to sell?) and pulled weeds.  I don’t know why I pull weeds. They simply grow back bigger, stronger, and with cousins.  It does not help that my next door neighbor and I have been […]

Sunday, June 14th

Do This, Do That, Tick Tock Goes The Clock

Do this, do that.  My chore list resembles Cinderella’s, but I have yet to meet my fairy godmother or Prince Charming.  Prince Snake and I are well acquainted.   In an e-mail to a friend the other day I was expressing my concern over how long it is taking me to get everything done.  My […]

Tuesday, June 9th

The Longest Goodbye

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know I have been diligent (if slightly crazed) in preparing for unemployment. As my final days at work draw to a close; I have ramped up getting the house ready to sell and all of the other things I need to do.  Preparing to move […]

Tuesday, June 2nd