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Expedition Find a Job

My procrastination activity of choice varies like a cat looking for a warm spot to nap. Lately I have been watching Expedition Africa on I have to admit it is a guilty pleasure even greater than Dancing with the Stars if for no other reason than the photography. Like Dancing, there are some life […]

Tuesday, July 21st

Job Hunting Boogie

I am a terrible dancer. I am cool with the fact Dancing with the Stars is not beating down my door to turn me into a celebrity dancer (although I could use the paycheck and the workout).  However, this whole trying to re-invent my career thing is like doing some new quirky version of the […]

Wednesday, July 15th

AC and B

The first bit of news is the 30 day countdown clock to unemployment has been reset. Go ahead and giggle, I did. The date has not changed by much but it is just enough to allow me to get in a couple of yearly medical appointments and a dentist appointment while I know I will […]

Tuesday, July 7th