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Save the Planet…Not so Fast or Unemployment Week 2

I have a tendency to read more than one book at the same time.  It started innocently enough with one fiction and one non fiction going at the same time.  This week I had four going and finished one. Hey there is also a lot of stuff to read on line and I get carried […]

Monday, August 31st

Global Society? I don’t think so!

I am finally officially unemployed. Regular readers and friends know I have been preparing for a nationwide job search. I have been doing everything possible to make sure I find a better job than the one I just left. After reading the New York Times this am, and everything they had today on unemployment, I […]

Sunday, August 16th

Last day of Work

I have joined the unemployed. I was working in TV. This is likely due to the fact I watched The Mary Tyler Moore Show at an impressionable age. When that show went off the air it ended with everyone losing their jobs, how prophetic. In the final episode everyone walked out the door crying in […]

Sunday, August 16th


Things go wrong when you are working on TV programs. When it is a live program you can only say, “Well it’s on the way to Mars now.” Of course this was before everyone recorded everything and all mistakes could come back to haunt you forever on You Tube. When something went wrong on a […]

Monday, August 10th

Packing a Pack Rat

This week I am having what I will call a residual lesson from watching reality TV. Last week I wrote about leadership and accountability via History Channel’s Expedition Africa on Ok I think I got everyone’s proper plug in that sentence. Commercials, after all, pay the bills and that business model is why many […]

Monday, August 3rd