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The Faces of History

We all have our basements, attics, garages, and storage facilities full of stuff too valuable to get rid of and too numerous to display. I have jokingly blogged before- Trash heap to Museum- about the value in saving “stuff.” Finally Ft. Benning Georgia has a real home for its infantry museum and is able to […]

Sunday, December 27th

Target Laughter

There is nothing odd in seeing three casually dressed women sitting in the Target Starbucks. It was however, an odd sort of day. We are three friends from high school who have let decades go by without staying closely in touch. About ten years ago we actually managed to hook up in the same city […]

Friday, December 18th

Southern Homecoming

I am back in Georgia now. I have not lived here for 27 years and I have been back for a week. I spent the weekend in Atlanta (yes I know I did not call everyone, I will after the holidays). It was nice to hear so many people say welcome home. It was not […]

Sunday, December 13th

Unemployment Southern Style

I could be upset about this or I could revel in the fact automation has not, for a change, replaced jobs. I have finally made it back to Georgia. To continue receiving unemployment benefits I had to register in the state of Georgian since I am no longer in Oregon. When I first registered in […]

Monday, December 7th