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The Third Time is a Charm

Remember Goldilocks and the three bears or, as in my blog, buyers? Well now I have buyers who find my house to be just right. The third time really is a charm! This is my opportunity to move on and have new adventures. Of course I am moving on with enough stuff for a family […]

Sunday, January 31st

I need Weirder friends

I call it research, but unemployment is giving me the luxury of curling up with a good book more often. I am beginning to notice something. I need to get weirder friends. Good writers have imagination and a keen sense of observation. Writers gain a wealth of material to expand upon and fictionalize from every […]

Sunday, January 17th

Networking Without a Net

I love connecting with people all over the country and now, (since my friends are taking jobs where they can get them) the world. I can tweet, Facebook, be LinkedIn etc. but just like laughing together in the same room; nothing beats good old fashioned face to face introductions when it is time to network. […]

Sunday, January 10th

Just a Cotton Pickin’ Minute!

In my spare time, and there is far less of it than you would think for an unemployed person, I have been reading a terrific book. Cotton: The Biography of a Revolutionary Fiber by Stephen Yafa. This is a beautifully written book and in my opinion, serves as a cautionary tale. Those of us who […]

Sunday, January 3rd