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Here is Your Change Mam

There must be a gazillion self help books written on the subject of change. Sometimes you are forced to read the more ridiculous one’s in the work place. Even the Dalai Lama weighs in on the subject. As I taped the final box shut for my move, I sat down on the floor (OK it […]

Sunday, February 21st

Wagons East

It is not possible to pack my stuff. I keep filling box after box after box but yet there seems to be an endless supply. I think people came in and left their stuff here to get rid of while I was in Georgia, there can be no other explanation. I am not sure why […]

Sunday, February 14th

Some Problems are Good to Have

Some problems are good to have. I know this to be true. I am going to repeat this like a mantra because I am about to pay the price for having fifty seven boxes of Christmas decorations. Yep, it is finally time to pack up the house and put my belongings into storage….somewhere. I have […]

Sunday, February 7th