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Southern Humor

This recently appeared outside my local produce market (Marvins) in Columbus Georgia

Sunday, March 28th

Job fair: The other Side of the Table

This is not a hunk of baloney designed to make you feel better. It really can be easier to be the job seeker at a job fair then on the other side of the table. Yes I get it, if you are attending a job fair you probably really need a job and are starting […]

Sunday, March 28th

Personal Best

Applying for jobs on line may be technically efficient, fast and cheap but it can be silly. It would help what is left of my sanity to know before starting what information to have handy. A few sites will actually take pity on the job seeker and give this information really early. Most sites allow […]

Sunday, March 21st

Unemployment With Purpose

Fighting depression when you are unemployed takes some doing. Let’s face it when you are not worrying about ever finding a decent job, vanishing savings, no 401K contributions, no dental insurance, the Obama health care supplement nearing an end, diminishing unemployment benefits, and life’s myriad of unexpected and unavoidable expenses; it can be difficult to […]

Monday, March 15th

Numbers to Nibble On

The lead story on my New York Times e-mail Saturday (portrayed as good news) was that 36,000 non farm jobs were shed in January. This apparently is good news since it was fewer than forecast. Now let me get this straight. There are what, millions of us unemployed? So we and another 36,000 folks are […]

Sunday, March 7th

Moving Day

Sunday, March 7th