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Tool Time Out

I think he said it goes this way.” “No that can’t be right it has to go this way.” “Well that just doesn’t make sense. I really think it goes this way.” “How can that be possible? The teeth won’t grab.” “Sure they will. We just stick it in the little pointy things.” And we […]

Monday, April 26th

Talking Trash

In Columbus Georgia people are pretty upset because raising garbage collection fees is under discussion. I can certainly understand that. Raising the fees for anything during these times is hard on an awful lot of folks who are unemployed, underemployed, retired, or who have been struggling to make ends meet even before the economy crashed. […]

Monday, April 19th

Digging up the Dirt

I was pondering my subject for this week when a friend in Portland suggested I write about the differences in gardening between Portland Oregon and Columbus Georgia. I explained how it wasn’t all that interesting since it really boils down to two basic differences. In Portland you get wet and go ewweee when you encounter […]

Sunday, April 11th

Stop, Look and Listen

“Darby, you’re not in Portland anymore.” My friend in Atlanta felt compelled to remind me of this because I actually expect traffic to stop for pedestrians in cross walks. At least I walk when I am in Atlanta. In Columbus no one seems to walk anywhere except downtown at lunch time where the word traffic […]

Sunday, April 4th