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Haunting Words

I have issued many a threat to come back and haunt someone; as a matter of fact I have done so with ghoulish delight. So a recent article in the New York Times about ghosts on Facebook actually made me smile. I never dreamed I was actually going to be able to carry out my […]

Monday, July 19th

Road Bumps

I am not sure what it is that sustains male friendships over time. Women have a simple key to successful friendships; we embrace each other’s eccentricities. The longer you are friends with another woman the more acutely aware you become of each other’s quirks. It does not matter if you see each other once a […]

Monday, July 12th

Lumberjack Lament

It is rather difficult to hug a tree while giving thumbs up to the guy with the chainsaw. Removing a tree from your home almost always elicits a reaction from your neighbors. Removing six of them is going to have everyone talking. I find the emotional response quit different here in Columbus Georgia versus Portland […]

Tuesday, July 6th