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Dishonor to Honor

Today I met a young army officer who was hanged ten times and lived to fight another day. . I volunteer at the National Infantry Museum at Ft.Benning /Columbus GA. The museum is dedicated to infantrymen past, present and future and honors the uncommon valor of the infantry soldier. The best part of volunteering at […]

Wednesday, August 18th

Wakulla Springs

Well I didn’t get my promised swamp tour but this was really cool! Scenes from two Tarzan movies and the “Creature from the Black Lagoon” were filmed here.

Monday, August 9th

Still Laughing

“You should sit there and not say a word.” . Back in December in a post called Target Laughter I blogged about three friends getting together in person for the last time for at least a year. Our friend was on her way to Abu Dhabi where her husband was working. Hooray for frequent flyer […]

Monday, August 9th

Southern Treasures…….NOT

Anyone who has ever spent time living in the south has encountered them. No one ever forgets them. Everyone wants to forget. No one can ever really get rid of them. I am talking about those huge, awful, gross flying roaches. They find their way into your house somehow, someway, despite everything you do. . […]

Monday, August 2nd