Hello world!

Obviously this is still under construction. I have things to say but I am still learning how to post and build this site. Stay tuned for my words of wisdom (or words anyway).

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  1. Nat


    This is a really good idea! I like the 2 entries so far. And since I AM unemployed, I hope this will bring you some work!! I admire your courage for putting yourself “out there”. Wishing you all the best! Nat

    14 Feb
  2. beth holbrook stafford


    Darby! This is great and you look fabulous! I’ll be returning often and sending out good energy to you.

    Wish you had been able to be with Jeanette and me last week. I had what is most likely the greatest margarita in the western hemisphere…if not the whole world.

    Take care-B

    14 Feb
  3. stephen


    great site, loved the video

    14 Feb
  4. admin


    Thank you for visitng and leaving a comment. I hope to update at least something every Monday or Tuesday.

    14 Feb