More Work for the Traveling Overalls

As my unemployment date looms even closer, I contemplate each dollar spent on getting my house ready to sell with surgical precision.  I do this while growing angrier with various honchos in corporate America lacking the integrity to do likewise.  It was fun to shop at the big box store for a new vanity for the guest bath knowing the current one absolutely needs replacing. It was also fun to dream about what I could do in a bathroom in some home in my future; any game to motivate me to sell this one.  Trying to decide if I should replace the floor in that bathroom is like rolling the dice at a craps table. 


I am becoming something of an open house junkie. Sizing up the competition, trying to steal their buyers using creativity as my weapon, is my Wall Street.  I am still waiting for the government bailout money so I can pay myself a contractual mandated retention bonus.

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    I’m sending you a link. Rick Emerson is giving laid off media professionals a co-hosting opportunity on Fridays. It’s not paid.
    You don’t have to be “talent” to get the gig. Could be very fun. After you don’t work there anymore, of course.

    16 Mar
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    da best. Keep it going! Thank you

    16 Mar