Tale of the Traveling Overalls

Behind the scenes: Tale of the Traveling Overalls


I have shot my first video blog. I have to admit it was rather creepy being on the other side of the camera.  Usually when I am on camera it is because I am a stand in for an anchor or reporter for a new set rehearsal or a lighting check. These appearances usually send me home to put what ever I was wearing into a box for Goodwill. 


A good friend of mine with her own design business (but formerly employed by a television station) decided to shoot this blog for me. She and her husband purchased a cool new camera and she wanted to play with it. Hey, I am all about helping others. The funny part was we both have director experience. I had to learn to shut up. Then I had to learn how to talk. Big time TV talent at least get a teleprompter. I also know why everyone makes such a big deal about a reporter doing a walking standup. It is hard to walk and talk; it is especially hard if you are known for being a klutz. I am well known for my klutzability.  When I was a technical director for newscasts the director would make me spit out my gum before the show because he was concerned I could not chew and punch buttons at the same time. He had a point. So I choose to shoot my first video ever climbing up and down a ladder. Good thinking!


Hollywood trick: I was so nervous I did not want to use my paint. I was terrified of making a mess. Another girlfriend enlisted for moral support made some “paint” with flour and water.


There is a lot to pick apart in this video, but I am not, nor do I profess to be, professional talent. Note to self: at least learn to keep your arms still for crying out loud.


I have to admit it was a lot of fun doing this.  A great afternoon was spent with two girlfriends laughing, engaging in creative pursuit, and bonding over the idea of attempting something outrageous. I think all three of us felt the joy of creative expression without a care in the world at that moment in time.


By the way, for you TV types reading, today I was a one take wonder.

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  1. Diane


    Being a part of the creative trio on this video shoot, I can tell you it was truly a fun adventure…and inspiring to help a friend on her career cycle. Having been through the same cycle in 2002, I have learned that there is great joy and fulfillment on the other side. I have a “new” career and love the work I am doing…it doesn’t get any better than this!

    You go, Darby…we are all rooting for you!!! Diane

    14 Feb
  2. Judy Brouillette


    Best of luck in your new endeavor, Darby! I know that a person as attractive, intelligent, and talented as you are will find something spectacular! I enjoyed your new blog.


    14 Feb
  3. Joel Albert


    SO, I’m sitting here researching something on digital cameras when “whatever happened to Darby Britto” popped into my head. Please believe that your name hasn’t crossed my mind for many years. Not because of any slightest dislike of you. But life has been otherwise full and occupied and, well, you did sort of disappear from the WRC scene for reasons lost to me now. So, I googled “Darby Britto” and your site was at the top of the list. I almost fell off my chair but at my age that could be fatal – I restrained myself.

    Sorry to hear you are “at liberty” but even in this godawful job market that is not a horrible turn because things will hapen for the better.

    I couldn’t confirm you were the DB I knew and admired but I found your Harry Homeowner scene in painting clothes and as soon as you uttered the first word I identified you. Unmistable voice – timbre and accent.

    Hope you are well. I am long, very long, officially retired. SInce 1995. Have done lots of freelancing but I think that has concluded so a life of leisure it is. I try to keep in touch at WRC but the cast of characters changes rapidly as they economize the place into oblivion.

    Best wishes


    14 Feb