Writing a Resume or…. Not

OMG! Finding a new job must be even harder than I thought it was going to be.

I have been educating myself on how to write a resume (it’s been awhile) and how to find a job. The amount of information available on this subject is daunting in and of itself. Today you need to be LinkedIn, Facebook, blog, twitter, create avatars, be versed in web interviews, and who knows what else. Your resume has to have key words for computer sorting and be in a format to be uploaded and scanned. One book even gives advice on what shoes to wear to an interview; I am not kidding! Some days I want to give in, curl up on the couch in front of the fireplace and read a good mystery. It is March in the rainy Pacific Northwest.


Writing a resume is proving to be more difficult than it should be. I have all the information stored in my computer. I cut and paste and rearrange until my head spins. Honestly Tolstoy wrote War and Peace faster than I am creating this seemingly simple document.  I have written scripts for TV shows with the speed of news deadlines, while on location with all kinds of distractions, more easily than creating one paragraph of my resume.  If I have to write my own obit I will need to live a very long time to complete the assignment. 


Well meaning friends keep sending me links to job sites. One would think with all of these jobs posted no one would be out of work.  With so many of us out of work I don’t think some posters put a good deal of effort into writing these postings. With so many people out of work isn’t this the best time to grab up some really good talent? Have you read some of the one’s I am talking about? I am sure you have. They make the job sound about as interesting, exciting, and fun as contemplating your toes. Maybe I should take my dynamic resume writing skills and offer my services to companies to post their jobs on line. Can anyone recommend a good mystery?

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