Professional Procrastination

I am dizzy from spinning in circles.  I walk into a room and spin like crazy trying to decide exactly what to tackle next. I have lists. I have so many lists I have an index of lists. I have a list of things to repair on the house. I have a list of kitchen items to pack and not put in storage. I have a list of craft items to hold out of storage. I have a list of information I still need to look up. I have a list of contacts to make. This is just a small part of my list of lists.


When I first told a very close friend of my impending layoff she said, “Let’s make a list.” It is very comforting to know other people make lists in times of stress. It would be a lot more comforting to actually have the satisfaction of crossing something off my list.


When I get frustrated, overwhelmed, or depressed I add to my lists. I don’t get anything done; I simply list more things to be done.  I have taken the art of procrastination to new heights; I look really busy and organized carrying around all of those lists.  I should become a professional procrastinator. Hmmm… my new career perhaps? I know, I will write a book called, How to Procrastinate Productively. Perhaps this is my new career? What a great idea! Quick, let me get this on the list.


There is no new video this week. See all of the above for why. However, my iPod is really organized for a change.

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