Actually Applying For A Job

Well here goes nothing! I actually applied for a real job this weekend.  I have to say there is hope in actually stumbling upon a job you are uniquely qualified to perform. However there are many scary things associated with applying for this particular job. I think the number one scary part was the fact I stumbled upon it looking into something else entirely. I sort of proved my own point about how difficult it is to keep track of all the jobs by checking on line. This is a site I have been to many times but would have never found this job. I saw it somewhere else and Googled my way back to the specifics.  Scary part number two is the fact it appears to me my resume will be computer sorted. Oh boy, now I am relying on any research I have done on this subject being thorough enough to get me past initial screening.


I should probably mention part of my day Friday was spent at work on the continuous planning of my jobs’ demise. I got through that meeting knowing I could rush home and apply for this new job. I was able, for the time being, to put aside the nameless faceless computer that would be reviewing my resume. The irony here is a faceless computer is what is putting me out of work in the first place. Normally I am a big fan of irony.  

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  1. lisa marshall


    Good luck! I hope it’s interesting.

    30 Mar
  2. Mary Rogus


    Good Luck my friend! I realize every day how lucky I am to be a tenured faculty member–they have to shut down the university before my job is in jeopardy. Now to comments on your Facebook message–I’m impressed that you’re actually cooking Indian food. I’m still at the mercy of restaurants, fortunately we have a pretty good one in Athens. I’m glad you liked the blogs–my next international missives will be coming from Guyana this summer!

    Take Care

    30 Mar
  3. 3

    Found an interesting posting on the PieTown site. Go to the bottom under designer.

    30 Mar