What is My Password?!!


Sometimes I am too clever for my own good. Knowing that you basically can’t do any business in today’s world, or worse, might be unable to come up with any cash in an emergency; I cleverly hid a list of passwords, somewhere. The key word here: somewhere.  The list itself is so clever you do not even get the password if you find it; you get a hint. A few days ago I needed a password I have not used in a while. I have been creating a lot of new passwords lately. Bottom line, for the life of me I could not remember the password I needed. I am a very organized person. Really I am. The US Military lost out on a potentially fine logistical officer when I decided to go to work in television. So why is it I have been unable to locate the hidden list of clever hints? I also now have three e-mail accounts. I was trying to re-set the password I needed but used the wrong e-mail account. All of this took some time and frustration to fix. The really good news is Amazon.com does a really good job of making sure someone does not hack into your account. I have not been able to update my Garmin maps for months; similar problem, different time zone.  If you are wondering why I am spending money on Amazon.com at a time like this ( with no paycheck in my future), I have good news. I lost touch with a former co-worker (because some people can’t get their Christmas cards done…not me I am the queen of all things Christmas, more on that another time).   But I digress, my friend found me (networking), and he has turned his passion into a new career and has co-authored a book.  Way to go Chris!!  So hang in there everyone. 


To see or order Chris’s book here is the link.   http://www.amazon.com/Navys-Most-Wanted-acirc-cent/dp/B001WB3GGQ/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1239072966&sr=1-3 If you love ships, all things navy, or military history it is a must have!

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