Spooky to Storage

I used to call this storage space the spooky room. Before there was light I was afraid to go in there. The wine was stored so all I had to do was reach in a grab a bottle. My preferred method was to send my guests down there to choose “something they would like.” I would like anything that did not require me sticking my arm into the spooky room. Spooky aside, the space really does make an excellent wine cellar. It stays remarkably cool all summer. Without AC you notice these things. Since I wouldn’t go in there I was not kidding about the dust and cobwebs. I had clean laundry in the basket on top of the dryer to go upstairs. Sadly, I did not remember putting it there BEFORE I started cleaning. Needless to say I had to wash it again by the time I finished sweeping. One would get the mistaken idea I enjoy doing laundry. I also neglected to mention prior to wine cellar cleaning I had been doing yard work. I quit doing yard work because I ran out of room for yard debris. This was the first yard clean up of the season after a hard winter and there was an awful lot of ugly brown stuff. This was not the fun puttering around in the garden type of outdoor work either. This was trim, hack, and weed while trying not to trample the tulips. By the time I shot this video, I was thinking going out for coffee with the girls was too hard.

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