Google Your Way to a New Career

I Googled “find jobs” I got 210,000,000 hits. I Googled “write resume” and got 11,000,000 hits.  Thinking globally, I Googled “how to write a CV” and got 272,000 hits.  I Googled “unemployment” and got 43,200,000 hits.  I Googled “change careers” and got 929,000,000 hits.  It is clear to me I could spend days, weeks, or months fooling myself into thinking I was productively looking for work as I delved into all of these.  This is the information age, isn’t the internet supposed to make this easier? I am beginning to think the only people making money are the ones’ charging for advertising on all of these web sites. I have an ad on this site. The last time I checked I had not made $2. I intend to spend my big paycheck on lottery tickets.


Then I got productive and went on various web sites with actual jobs. Let’s see, one company was looking for a “specimen accessioner” and if you know what that is please don’t tell me; I don’t want to know. The army National Guard is looking for someone to be on the cannon crew. There were the usual various advertisements looking for telemarketers, research participants, (just) participants, degreed professionals (no specific degree indicated), tattoo artist, professional telephone collector, a person to layout interstate barriers (sounded good until I thought about how early in the day that must start), awesome money (whoever heard of a job called awesome money?) Things were looking more promising when I found bankruptcy paralegal and bathtub refinisher.


You can’t make this stuff up.  I am thinking of going to clown college.

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