De-clutter or not de-clutter


Behind the Scenes


I am making a resolution. Every year I am going to examine all of my stuff as if I were going to move sometime within that year. Granted, it is difficult to purge craft “stuff” because today’s useless item can be tomorrows “ah ha this is perfect” thing. That said; I am going to purge anyway.  I am making another resolution regarding stairs. I don’t want so many. Before this is all over I may feel the same way about shoes.

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  1. Nat


    I KNOW what ya mean. When I moved in October, I had to downsize from a 4 bedroom house (with attic storage) to a 2 bedroom apartment!! I gave away 1/2 of everything i owned (and got proper receipts for taxes). However, since the move, I am faced with the 2nd bedroom as “storage staging” are……. NOT good. and BTW, I would love to have that little desk and the dark blue vase. Cheers.

    21 Apr