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Before I go off on this week’s topic I had a thought. We still do not have a celebrity spokesperson, but I am thinking we should start a campaign to have Jon Stewart speak for our cause.  Maybe we could organize a letter writing plea to his web site. How cool would it be to have a spokesperson that is smart, articulate, funny and willing to go for the jugular?


I am still on a rant inspired by the time invested in writing resumes, as well as my frustration.


Write a resume. Why not just ask me to rip open my heart and bare my soul. To quote advice from one friend, “It’s war out there, take no prisoners.” 


I am certainly learning some valuable lessons in resume or CV writing. The most important lesson I can pass on is the need for a team of people who challenge you.  With 5.2 million of us unemployed because our jobs have been eliminated there is a lot of competition for the jobs available.  Your team of resume builders needs to be diverse.  Yes, all of that stuff you learn in team building workshops you are forced to attend really does work. You need people who write creatively, have a clue where the commas go, understand business today, and perhaps most importantly, know your strengths.  Selling toilet paper is one thing, selling yourself is as nerve wracking as auditioning for Steven Spielberg. Actually a screen test is beginning to sound easy. Humiliation would be a small price to pay to pretend to be someone else for a little while.


Invite constructive criticism. Evaluate all of the feedback you can get. Don’t be insulted or get your feelings hurt. No one is telling you that you aren’t good enough. You are more likely being told you are selling yourself short. Your team has your best interests in mind as they are your coaches.  No one has ever won an Olympic gold medal with a coach who said, “Good enough.”


Everyone knows to tailor your resume for every job you apply for. We have all been told to dig for information on the company you are applying to.  I am learning to take this to a new level. I am becoming the Woodward/ Bernstein of digging. Write a resume for the company you want to work for and/or for the job that doesn’t even exist.  The passion for this work will resonate in any job you do apply for. Unfortunately I am not getting any faster at this process.

“Good night and Good luck.”  



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