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“Sewer Stimulus”. That headline greeted me on my desk top this morning.  I had been fretting all weekend because I did not have idea one for this week’s blog.  There was nothing new on the job hunting front. I spent most of the weekend doing yard work and trying to convince a very determined pair of birds that my front porch was not an ideal place to raise a family. The birds had their sights on real estate too close to the front door and the mailbox. A couple of years ago the for rent sign went up while I was away and I spent a very long spring and early summer being dive bombed every time I got the mail. This was great for keeping pesky solicitors away but hard on one’s dinner guests.  So this weekend I spent a lot of time opening the front door, screaming like a banshee, and waving my arms like a traffic cop on speed.  I finally got the ladder and built a no nesting deterrent out of bubble wrap, plastic bags and wire. One neighbor finds all of this amusing; the other now walks on the other side of the street.


Since I got nowhere on the “unemployment market the house” front, I went to work hoping something would happen to inspire me.  I got excited when I saw the sewer stimulus story, but after reading it, I am going to leave it for Jon Stewart. The Daily Show will give it the justice it deserves. Later, I see “Meltdown 101: How Do Foreign Tax Havens Work.”  Frankly, I forgot all about my readers in my excitement to shelter what is left of my 401K. I spot another headline, “Helicopter Drugs”. Now, this didn’t sound good or maybe some of you have a different take on that one. I saw the headline “Turkey Attack” and I know this was a horribly tragic event at a wedding and no joking matter. My mind however was in a dark place today. I really could see a turkey (the gobble gobble kind) leading a mass attack in the fall (must have been all the Alfred Hitchcock bird revenge fear building up). I almost made it through the day without seeing a story on Ocoto mom. AP followed that one with a Woody Allen story. Do you think someone waited all day to pair those two stories together?


Some days it isn’t what I read, but what takes place around me that inspires me for this blog. While I have been having fun on Twitter with Uncle Sam on a smoke break and a surly banana at the mall, some of the things that happen at work aren’t “blogable”. It is said, “The truth shall set you free.”  This may be true when one is talking about lying vs. telling the truth. However, “revealing” truth is more likely to land you in court in defense of a confidentiality clause.

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