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Opening my e-mail is a lot like Christmas morning and since I am the queen of all things Christmas, that’s saying a lot. Your gifts come wrapped in links to job postings.  Some of you have asked if I have actually applied for a job. The answer is yes. No, I am not providing details. Hey, they don’t reveal the cast of Dancing With the Stars until the season starts. I don’t reveal the skinny until the job is filled. I am living life in limbo and learning to embrace it.  Where will I be next and what will I be doing has been the question since I started this blog.  The more time I spend exploring the answer to that question the more jazzed I get with possibility.  On the employment front, I have seen there are meaningful, exciting career opportunities out there. The competition for these positions is stiff. The upside, if you at least land an interview you can chalk one up in the win column. You may not be the fit a company is looking for, but being able to get their attention from the mass of resumes is a success story.  So please keep your gift links coming my way. If we share all of these with our unemployed friends collectively, we can help someone find their next career move.


My contractor was here last week taking measurements for the upstairs bathroom. As you may remember from the video, things need to be done upstairs no matter where I end up. I think it is a bad sign when the cursing starts with a tape measure. The wall looks square to me but then again, my eye doctor says my depth perception is improved when I actually wear my glasses. He swears this could improve my golf game.  My dad always said I was cockeyed and his tip for my golf game was to actually aim for the pin. I am uncomfortable with the theme developing here.  It is safe to say I will shoot a new video once work starts and there is a big mess. Everyone has been through it for one reason or another and misery loves good company.


 A friend of mine just bought a new used VW bug convertible. This weekend we took it out for pre summer test run (top down, heater on). With the stereo blasting (and an awesome stereo it is!) we critiqued every house we saw. Oh come on, we all do it. I learned something. I don’t think there is a place on earth geographically capable of sustaining my dream environment. Now this could mean I am hard to please but I prefer to think it means I am open to all possibilities.

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