Cable and Internet Service, What a Bargain!

I haven’t been blogging but that does not mean I have not been busy.  There is progress on the upstairs bathroom so I can get the house ready to sell; to see the progress click on the video.  I don’t understand how so much time can be spent “doing stuff” with so little to show for it. For example, it took forever to make calls regarding my cable and internet service.  In my neighborhood I have one choice for cable and two choices for internet.  I spent most of the morning getting a busy signal from one of these companies, so I had to go with the rates posted on their web site. My next tactic was to take the advice I keep hearing for “surviving our new economy” (I have a different name for it but that is neither here nor there); and call the customer retention department of my current provider. I can see why it gets named one of the top hated companies in surveys. I asked what it would cost to keep my internet service but cancel my cable. I was given a price. Then I was told they could work with me on the price of my cable, and they offered a good price. I decided it was a luxury I was willing to forgo so I declined. Suddenly my internet price was higher. I argued that the very first question I asked was what my internet cost would be if I canceled my cable. Curbing my desire to scream, I argued somewhat calmly until I finally got the first quoted price for six months. It pays to take very careful notes when you are on the phone and not to be intimidated.   I bet they get away with that with some people. I can see where it would be very easy to be taken advantage of when you are already struggling to cope.  I am not in the mood to be messed with. I will now be watching TV on, which I do most of the time anyway. I also watch Al Jazeera English on Live Station/.com . I really do not understand why people do not want to watch it; the journalism is excellent and one of the best ways to learn what is really going on in the rest of the world. Check it out!

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