The Longest Goodbye

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know I have been diligent (if slightly crazed) in preparing for unemployment. As my final days at work draw to a close; I have ramped up getting the house ready to sell and all of the other things I need to do.  Preparing to move back east has been both sad and exciting. I go back and forth on this one daily, if not hourly. Recent airline corporate games have made travel from Portland to Atlanta very expensive, or very long, as you go from hub to hub around the country like the kids game Marco Polo. Being able to see my family living back east starts to trump snow capped mountains (until I remember some slight from years past and then it becomes a toss up again). I mean those mountains are spectacular!


For my mental health, I have planned some really fun times with my friends for the summer. Two of my friends surprised me this weekend with the news they are coming for a quick visit right after my time at work ends. How great is that!? These friends and I traveled from Atlanta to New Orleans to see the King Tut exhibit way back in the day. The catch phrase of that trip was, “Well if this were a Triumph TR7 we could do it.” I am not sure what “it” was, but I think bridges were involved, so it is probably best I don’t remember. A great trip is planned for Austin and San Antonio to see a friend from childhood. Having a friend you have known your whole life can be very hard to do when you were both army brats turned vagabond adults. My point is, I am grabbing those lemons and shooting back some serious tequila shots.


It is said God has a sense of humor and, if you don’t believe it, just make a plan. Monday I found out my time at work has been extended until almost the end of July. I will be working when my friends come for their visit. I will be working when I was supposed to be in Texas.  I know, I know, the money is GREAT! I am not complaining.   With this sort of Karma, I am increasing my lottery ticket budget. Who knows, I may just get the job I want back east and have to make a mad scramble to get there while nurturing one whopper of a tequila hangover.

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