Do This, Do That, Tick Tock Goes The Clock

Do this, do that.  My chore list resembles Cinderella’s, but I have yet to meet my fairy godmother or Prince Charming.  Prince Snake and I are well acquainted.


In an e-mail to a friend the other day I was expressing my concern over how long it is taking me to get everything done.  My chief worry, (unless you count finding a job) is the vast number of things necessary in getting the house ready to sell.  Added to this are myriad chores on my “to do” list. My friend responded he thought I was moving very quickly.  Really?  Could this be an occupational hazard of doing live TV for so many years where I have been ruled by time? 

Another friend once commented the biggest difference in our lives is she would never think to utter the words, “We’ve got twenty seconds, plenty of time.”


Now that you know where I am coming from as to experiencing time, it may be easier to understand my stressing because I had absolutely nothing new for this week’s blog.  As a results-oriented person, “freaking out” would be an apt description to the very idea I had not accomplished anything in a week.  I mean, really, how is it possible not to accomplish one notable thing during a week when there was an oversupply of things to be done.  I started to list the tasks completed. The very first thing I discovered was that my biggest accomplishment wasn’t even on the list, yet it was definitely the most important.  I was a friend. Being there for someone when they need you is what counts most in this world.  That is the legacy I want to leave.  I want my friends to be better off for having had me as their friend.  The rest really doesn’t matter. 


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  1. rlh3


    Once you’re on Antigua with the new job, time/house won’t be a problem.. the new job will be there as “life’s reward to Darby” for being a friend
    Cheers/Have a good army day

    09 Jun