Bubbling Weeds

I took some time out from job hunting and working on the inside of my house (will I EVER get it ready to sell?) and pulled weeds.  I don’t know why I pull weeds. They simply grow back bigger, stronger, and with cousins.  It does not help that my next door neighbor and I have been weeding at cross purposes. I like the pretty blue things and have been leaving them. She does not like the pretty blue things and has been pulling them. I do not like the pink things. I think they stink. My neighbor likes the pink things, thinks they are pretty, and so they stay in the yard next door. As a result we both have bumper crops of blue and pink blooming things. The jury is still out on the yellow things that are not dandelions.  This is my blog but if my neighbor cares to comment on my lack of discriminating taste in weeds. She can comment and I will post her comments without rebuttal.


Weeding at cross purposes reminds me of an E-bay bidding war I was in once. I was bidding for some bubble lights (Christmas lights from the 1940’s). One person kept raising my bids by tiny amounts. We were both playing the  “I want them, but not that much” bidding game where you simply annoy the other bidder and see who gives up first or fails to pay attention. As I was wondering about my annoying competition I suddenly paid close attention to the bid name my opponent used. It dawned on me it was very close to a friends e-mail address. Sure enough, one phone call later I learned her husband and I were in a bidding war over bubble lights. Heck, we freely trade with each other already. We are all such good friends the one clever enough to outlive the others will get them all in the end anyway. Now if we could just figure out how to end up in the same nursing home, maybe we’d have a smidgen of a chance at getting all those bubble lights in with us. It is a sickness with all three of us.


Next weekend is the big garage sale — round #1 anyway. For all my big talk about unloading lots of stuff, I can promise you one thing. Not one single bubble light will be for sale.

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