AC and B

The first bit of news is the 30 day countdown clock to unemployment has been reset. Go ahead and giggle, I did. The date has not changed by much but it is just enough to allow me to get in a couple of yearly medical appointments and a dentist appointment while I know I will still be in town. Getting all of that coordinated is more time consuming than seems possible.


There is a frantic push on house projects so I can enjoy my houseguests next week and they can enjoy their stay without risk of tripping over something every few inches. This is probably not a good time to find out just how good my homeowners insurance policy really is. Work was going well (the upstairs bathroom is going to be great) until the heat wave struck. I am very used to a heat wave; I lived in Georgia and Texas for crying out loud! The difference is I had air conditioning. A few days of 90 plus and no AC does not inspire one to paint or run up and downstairs. One tends to want to spend the afternoon in the hammock re- reading To Kill A Mockingbird. I don’t have a hammock and that book seems to be one of the books already packed. I went with plan B and walked to my favorite Tex-Mex restaurant and had a couple of margaritas. I could do with more plan B.


I am going to channel the rest of my creative energy into putting together a comprehensive profile of my background, my media philosophy, and where I want to take my career next. Through good old fashioned networking I found a company willing to take a look. They don’t have any applicable jobs at the moment, but they are interested in what I have done and what I can offer. Wish me luck; who knows where this might take me!

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