Job Hunting Boogie

I am a terrible dancer. I am cool with the fact Dancing with the Stars is not beating down my door to turn me into a celebrity dancer (although I could use the paycheck and the workout).  However, this whole trying to re-invent my career thing is like doing some new quirky version of the Two- Step. You hear from a colleague someone is interested in your professional background and what it is you are looking to do next. One step forward. You put together yet another resume and spend time crafting a quality letter. One step sideways. The response indicates they are willing to help. One step forward.  A careful reading of the response and you can see they think you want to do the same thing you have been doing. One step backwards.  I thought I was clear, apparently not. There is a lesson here for all of us. Your inquiries cannot be too clear or too focused.  This is easy to do when you are applying for a specific posted job opening.  For a non specific posted job it is a lot more like Baryshnikov performing Hip Hop.

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