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My procrastination activity of choice varies like a cat looking for a warm spot to nap. Lately I have been watching Expedition Africa on Hulu.com. I have to admit it is a guilty pleasure even greater than Dancing with the Stars if for no other reason than the photography. Like Dancing, there are some life and business lessons to learn while indulging. You do not need to listen carefully to learn about leadership. Leaders motivate, inspire, listen, and most importantly, reward and value the contribution of team members.  There is a lesson about clear accountability structure. This is something I learned in the workplace a long time ago. Everyone must know exactly what they are to be held accountable for. Without clear lines of accountability you have people working at cross purposes and confusion reigns supreme.


In the episode I watched last night there was a life lesson in survival. One of the Masai warriors gives advice to an expedition member ill with malaria. He tells the stricken team member to get up and walk even though he feels too sick. He says the reason is to feel in control and not helpless. This is an excellent lesson for job hunters. You don’t need to spend every day on line filling out applications and sending them into cyber space but you need to do something. There are additional ways to feel empowered. Read a trade journal, network, go to a class, or practice your craft. You must take control to feel in control.    

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  1. Diane


    I have been watching that documentary on Hulu also…the Masai warriors have much wisdom. We are such “panty waists” compared to people who spend more of their time on survival instead of whinning about stuff that life hands out. That is what I like about you…you only allow whinning with a Jack Daniels in the company of a close friend. Makes sense to me.

    21 Jul