Packing a Pack Rat

This week I am having what I will call a residual lesson from watching reality TV. Last week I wrote about leadership and accountability via History Channel’s Expedition Africa on Ok I think I got everyone’s proper plug in that sentence. Commercials, after all, pay the bills and that business model is why many of us are unemployed; but I digress. A friend sent me a link to an article  about the behind the scenes logistics in getting that show to TV or a computer near you. I had been wondering how they got enough cameras, sound techs and the plethora of professionals it takes to make a show with that caliber of production values, especially to some of those locations. You have equipment to haul, people to house, and most importantly, people to feed.  While the explorers on the show were eating larvae and drinking blood, I am here to tell you as a director and producer the production crew is not about to play that game full time. A well fed crew is a happy hard working crew. Is TV glamorous? I have attended many a production meeting where a key item on the agenda has been port-a- potties.   


I have my own logistical problem to tackle. As I sell my house and begin my journey to a new career I have to figure out what to do with the rest of my stuff. Yard sales and charitable donations aside, I still have “treasures” I refuse to part with. I got a little overwhelmed as I began my research into moving and storage. My first challenge is not being able to answer the questions where am I going and when will I get there. Great! Now I am quoting the lyrics to Paint Your Wagon. I would sing them but I can’t sing and the whole copyright police thing is too risky. Honestly, I have no idea how much of my stuff can fit into a space 8’x8’x16’. I wonder had I paid more attention in algebra or geometry, would I have the skills to solve this problem? I kind of hope not because as I go through life I keep saying this knowledge has yet to be proven necessary.  Quite frankly I was getting cranky on the whole subject.  How the producers of Expedition Africa would laugh at such a simple problem!  I am now treating this move like the producer and director I am; measuring, budgeting, creating plans B and C, worrying about the weather, and most of all, keeping my crew ( in this case just me so far) well fed.  



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