Things go wrong when you are working on TV programs. When it is a live program you can only say, “Well it’s on the way to Mars now.” Of course this was before everyone recorded everything and all mistakes could come back to haunt you forever on You Tube. When something went wrong on a taped production it was easy to say, “Don’t worry we can fix it in post.”


As I begin my last week at my current job I have begun to enjoy the freedom both of those sayings offer me. I spent a long time at this job. As would be expected many things went very well, others better than expected, and some, well there was certainly room for improvement. I learned from all of these experiences and will take those lessons with me. A new job will be my opportunity to “fix it in post.” I bring with me new goals and new skills as well as the enthusiasm that comes with the knowledge you can make things better if you keep trying.


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