Save the Planet…Not so Fast or Unemployment Week 2

I have a tendency to read more than one book at the same time.  It started innocently enough with one fiction and one non fiction going at the same time.  This week I had four going and finished one. Hey there is also a lot of stuff to read on line and I get carried away.  I finally finished Barbara Kingsolver’s Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. If there is anyone left who hasn’t read it by now, it is about a year spent eating food grown and produced locally. Support local farmers and use less fossil fuel in transportation is not a bad thing.  I LOVE to shop at my local farmers market and I have gardened. Is that enough, can I do more? (This is the very line of reasoning that usually leads to failed exercise routines, but I digress) I got to thinking…see this week I am going to be profound to make up for last week. What if I made a greater effort to eat locally? From there I started wondering what food stuffs I could give up that would be healthier for me, my bank account and the planet. The first item on the list would be to give up my favorite soft drink. I would hate that, but could I do it for a year? Who am I kidding could I do it for a week? Then there is snack food. What if I only ate snacks that I grew or at least made from scratch myself? That way I could buy local potatoes and not have to give up potato chips.  You know how his kind of late night thinking goes, one thing leads to another. I then began listing all of the things I could give up not food related. After all, this unemployment thing has a huge disadvantage in that it does not pay well. I have given up cable TV, all but the occasional trip to Starbucks, and many of life’s other little luxuries. What else should I give up for my health, bank account and the planet??   


How many pairs of shoes do I need? How many purses, how many pairs of jeans etc. does one person need for crying out loud? I could save a ton of money cutting back on my wardrobe. How many shades of eye shadow are really necessary? Does anyone but me have clue I change it from time to time, I think not.  As you are well aware from previous blog posts I have too much stuff. I didn’t realize just how bad it has gotten until I faced the prospect of having to sell my house and move. What if I only bought things when something wore out? But my couch is so out of style no one wants to buy it. I thought you could sell anything on Craig’s List. Do I want to live in a home where I am forced to never be trendy? Now that my evil twin had gained inroads into my thinking I saw other flaws in this plan. My favorite soft drink company employs over 90 thousand people. My favorite snack food company employs around 168 thousand. I am sure none of these products are good for me and I am sure making them does harm to the environment but do I want all of those people to join me in the unemployment line? What if we only bought new cars every 150,000 miles or so? Stop the presses! (A quaint term from the day newspapers were printed on paper and delivered to your door). Car manufacturers are in a world of hurt not selling enough cars, and therefore not buying advertising, causing shrinking revenues for TV stations and TV stations with shrinking revenues lay people off. Isn’t that how I got to this blog in the first place?

This is what I call a giant conundrum. Buy only what we need, live healthier, save money, save fossil fuel, and the planet, or keep everyone employed. Spend, eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow I want to work.

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