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“I think you’re going to need a bigger truck.” One of the many comments I got after I took a picture of my neatly stored holiday decorations and posted it on my Facebook page. Some of the other comments ranged from “that’s ridiculous”, “Ho ho hoarders”, to suggestions that “I meet downsizing.”

I have a friend who has finally found work. Of course now he and his wife are moving to the United Arab Emirates for that job. They have taken downsizing to a new art form. I am trying hard to channel them for a role model. There are times it works better than others. When it comes to my Christmas decorations it does not seem to work at all. You see, I love Christmas. I think it is by far and away the most magical of all times and places. Disney Land is only a distant second at best. I have one house how many decorations could I possibly need? I realize some of my readers have never been to my home at Christmas. How could you know I do something different every year? One of my Facebook friends noted the red and green boxes and that organization frightened her. I don’t know why, she was there the year I made a giant wreath in the shape of Texas, strung it with chili pepper lights, and hung it over my desk at work. Lest she make too much fun of me, I remember she created ice skaters surrounded by snow on top of her desk. What should frighten her are the labels on the boxes. They say things like red Christmas, green Christmas, all things white, antique, vintage, naturals, metallics….well you are beginning to get the picture.

Christmas has been a magical time of the year for me as long as I can remember. My parents and grandmother took me to the North Pole to meet Santa and see his house and workshop when I was very little. Should you decide to go you should know his beard tickles something awful and the snow does melt there in the summer and did so long before global warming.

I could go on for pages about Christmas. I will say this much, no matter what it takes I am keeping my decorations!

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