New Attitude: Self Employed

I am working on an attitude adjustment. Sometimes I feel that I am working way too hard on my house for someone else to enjoy. On a good day, I see this as my new job. I work for myself and the harder I work the better chance I have of a quick sale for a good price. There is a lot to be said for this kind of a job. I would love to say I am free to keep my own hours. This is not completely true, if I could do everything myself… maybe. But there are times when contractors are involved. We all know there is our time and there is contractor time. I have lived my professional life in TV time. When I say Tuesday at 4:00 I mean Tuesday at exactly 4:00. When a contractor says Tuesday at 4:00, it could mean Wednesday at 1:00. This tends to cause me stress.

Contractors aside, there is some wonderful freedom here. I can start work at any time most days. I can roll out of bed and work right away or I can shower, have my morning mocha and then get busy. I have a deadline but how I meet that deadline is totally up to me. A three hour lunch is not a problem. I can knock off early for cocktails and resume work until midnight or later if it pleases me. Having a full bar in my new “office” does not seem to break any rules. Happy employees are productive employees. My new look is beginning to cause me some concern. Paint splattered overalls is not a fashion statement but is saves time staring at the closet every morning. I should walk around the house in heels once a week to stay in practice or someday it is going to be very painful.

How does this job pay? Well we will soon see; the house goes on the market this weekend.

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  1. Debi Schneider


    Just wondered what you had been up to and found this page. Your photo is terrific. I’m sorry we lost touch. Please drop me a line.

    21 Sep