White Glove Living

I have officially started living like an obsessive compulsive neat freak. My house is finally on the market. I am somewhat neat by nature but that is as far as it goes. My biggest neat trick is that I am rather compulsive all of the time when it comes to keeping the kitchen counters free of clutter. Actually I can be rather annoying about that. Trying to live in a “magazine picture perfect home” is not an easy thing to do. Use a towel; throw it in the dryer so it is dry and fluffy. Use the sink, clean it, dry it, and shine the faucet. I vacuum and swifter daily and this is bad enough but add in the challenge my vacuum cleaner keeps falling apart as well as my swifter. When I get hungry I have to decide if I am really hungry enough to risk getting the kitchen dirty between the hours of 9am and 7Pm. The other afternoon I was in serious need of a mocha. I had barely cleaned up after myself (and had not had a sip) when I got two calls from agents wanting to show the house. Since this was day one I was thrilled with the response but I can see getting anything done during the day is going to be more difficult than I thought. I had pictured all of these organizing, packing and some fun projects I was going to get accomplished. But now I look at all of these things as a potential mess.

My dad trained me well. He was one of those people who believed it was no more trouble to put something in its proper place that it was to put it on the closest table. He used to threaten me with white glove inspections. He told me (way too often) I needed to join the army and have them straighten me right out. He was not referring to my lack of morale character but my inability to live like a neat and clean freak. Oh, he would so be enjoying this. I can hear him laughing now and it brings a smile to my face and makes it all worth while.

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  1. Barefoot Boy


    Well, as a transplanted Southern Belle, you should have no problem with White Glove Living. I suspect it comes as easy to you as downing mint juleps at a steeplechase.

    28 Sep