A Tribute to Friends…You Know Who You Are

In preparation for this week’s blog I decided to make sure I am up on all the latest employment news. Bad idea; the news is grim. I do not even want to read anymore of it much less write about it. I am sure many of you feel the same way. So I decided to bury my head in the sand and spend time chatting with my friends instead. I began to notice a trend. That trend is transition.

I cannot believe how many people are going through some sort of major change in their life. OK I am sure a good deal of this has to do with aging, the older you get the more stuff happens; it must be the law of averages at work. I wouldn’t know because I suck at math. I made a list of the transitions I am aware of. I am good at lists. Then I ordered the list from good to bad. Sadly the bad list was longer and perhaps that too should be expected. What did I learn from this list making?

I learned the power of attitude. The grace, dignity, and humor with which my friends are handling the challenges in their lives is awe inspiring. Added to this the compassion they have for others going through their own trials and tribulations humbles me. Those friends with wonderful things happening in their lives really comes out of their previous hardships and how they decided to move on with their lives. I wonder if I can get a job if I list my top skill is the ability to choose my friends wisely? I fear too few people know the value of that. I do, and I am very lucky.

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