I Love My House!

My realtor had me write a marketing piece for my house about why I love living here. He sent this out to other agents and we got a terrific response so I thought I would share it with you this week.

Good bye Trader Joes hello Piggly Wiggly.[1] I am relocating to the southeast and my family is ecstatic. My plan was to take this house with me. Houses can be moved; I have been stuck behind them on the Interstate. Like most of my plans this one got a little more complicated when I decided I absolutely had to take the whole neighborhood with me.

OK lots of cities have tree lined streets where every house has a front porch. But living in this house offers so much more. Kermit say’s it’s not easy being green. [2] Poor Kermit, he should have lived here. I walk everywhere. I walk to the library, Trader Joes (and soon Whole Foods), the farmers market, wonderful restaurants, and even the movies. When I want to venture downtown I walk to the Max station and if I get a notion to visit beautiful downtown Burbank[3] I take the Max line to the airport and never hassle with parking.

I have many friends counting down the days until I am back east. Those same friends can’t believe I am really leaving because they have been to visit. I am told they are planning a winter swamp tour for me upon my return.

If you are looking for a gourmet kitchen with granite countertops get a crow bar and have at it. If you are looking for kitchen where people can gather and enjoy each other while cooking gourmet meals with fresh ingredients from the farmers market, then you have found a good space. The kitchen can accommodate multiple cooks with good rhythm. We once had 9 people cooking Thanksgiving dinner while singing along to the sound track from the Big Chill[4]. There was wine involved. By the way, you can seat 22 people end to end for that dinner if you start in the dining room and work your way to the fireplace.

This house has been a home in every sense of the word in any language. I will be taking with me many happy memories and leaving behind a garden of delights for you and your family. Welcome home.

[1] Southern grocery store chain famous for…..well just its name.

[2] Lovable frog brought to life by the late talented Jim Henson

[3] Cultural reference from the tonight show staring Johnny Carson

[4] A movie from back in the day with a now famous actor/ director who played a corpse but ended up on the editing room floor.

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  1. Debi


    Love your house! But, no surprise there. You have always been good about making a home wherever you live. Remember the apt in the old bldg on Briarcliff? I had the 30s rattan chair with the green leather cover that you sold me until my last move 3 years ago.

    10 Oct