Stageing Tips I learned Sometimes the Hard Way

After many trips up and down stairs, up and down ladders, and carloads to Goodwill; my house is staged and on the market. If you decide to travel down this road yourself here are a few things I learned along the way.

1. No matter how bad a room looked when you started on it at anytime you have owned the house, that room will be judged by how fresh it looks today. If you spent countless hours updating a truly hideous room ten years ago, a buyer will see it as a room that needs immediate updating.
2. Your rooms must appeal to any gender. A man or a woman needs to be able to see themselves living in your house even though they will be bringing their own furniture and belongings with them.
3. Does your furniture really fit in the room? Yes it may be the most comfortable couch ever, but is it the right size for the room? I replaced my couch with a borrowed one half the size. I have two dinning room tables and I put the smallest one in the dinning room, not the big one I can crowd lots of people around for a large dinner party.
4. Are your colors modern? If not, paint! How do you know if your colors are modern? Get a catalog from any quality furniture home accessories store (i.e.: Crate and Barrel etc.) and compare their rooms to yours.
5. Another good use of those catalogs is to look at the details of the rooms. You will notice how very few nick knacks there are. Take a careful look at those you do see. How are they grouped and displayed?
6. You are really going to hate my last tip. I got rid of electronics. TV’s, DVD players, sound systems etc. take up a lot of room. They also require a lot of cables. You don’t notice when these things are not there but you sure do notice when they are placed for your enjoyment instead of aesthetics.
7. And for some real fun. I never leave the house with a wet towel hanging in the bathroom, there is never a single thing out of place (there a few in the video because two of us were shooting pictures at the same time), and I polish the faucet handles every morning.

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