Goldilocks and the Three Buyers

Many of you have been asking how the house sale is coming along. The good news is I have had offers. The not so good news is I have had two sales fall through. Buyer number one was a first time home buyer who soon learned she was not ready to take on an old house where everything is not perfect. It was too much and I think she really needs a smaller brand new house or condo in hopes of never having to give it some tender loving care. Just like the children’s story we go from too much house to too little house. The second buyer simply decided at the last minute the house was not big enough. Now I am waiting for buyer number three who will find the house to be just right.

The best part of all of this is leaving when the buyers are taking a look. Since I am getting potential buyers I leave the house a lot. In the past couple of days I have had a guilt free good time playing. I went to the coast on a beautiful sunny day and walked on the beach. This is Oregon so it was in between storms meaning the surf was wild and beautiful and the wind was….well not the best part, cold and blustery at about 50 miles an hour. The next day I drove through the Columbia River Gorge, one of the prettiest places in the country, where the leaves are still colorful and up to Mt. Hood to have lunch. It was covered with snow and coming down with attitude by the time I left.

This week I learned to not just walk through an open door but to brazenly barge in and seize the day. Life is to be lived and I love the people open to joining me on the journey. I shared my adventures this week with someone wonderful. Thank you for reminding me finding a new job and selling my house is just the day to day stuff. Living my life is so much more.

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