Going Postal

Just when you think you have every i dotted and every t crossed something comes along to mess with you. Let me begin this rant with the United States Postal Service. For some time now mail carriers in my neighborhood seem to use addresses as a loose suggestion of where mail should be delivered. The good neighbors hand deliver your mail to the actual house on the envelop. The increasingly frustrated neighbors just write on the envelop “mis- delivered”, stick it outside of their mailbox and let it wind it’s way through postal hell until it may or may not reach you in an untimely fashion. Oh I am not done! Recently I took three pieces of mail to the post office and mailed them. Only one of the three has reached its destination. The other two documents are important and no one seems to have a clue where they are at this time.

The postal “service” keeps raising the price of a stamp and claiming declining profits because fewer people are using the mail. Really!? There are plenty of smart unemployed people able to connect the dots. I suggest you fire the genius’s in charge and hire one or more of them. I have been frantically signing up for everything I possibly can to avoid using the actual post office.

In the middle of my week of dealing with lost mail I actually get something in the mail. It seems my former employer has changed insurance providers. I unfortunately have to care about this because as it turns out; I have to figure out which of the two plans offered (with very little information provided) I want, apply for this plan, and then re-apply for COBRA benefits. This all has to be finished in a short time period. Can I do this on line? No. Can I do this in person somewhere? No. Can I do this by fax? No. I have to do all of this by mail. Happy holidays and mail those cards and packages early.

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  1. Liz Haller


    Yes, I share your grief over the new insurance. The form was VERY difficult to fill out. There were many e-mails flying to our “rep” and corporate. At one point, I had calculated my new monthly premium (with the subsidy) and asked for my math to be checked. Imagine my blood pressure when Corporate replied, “yes, the calculation is correct, but the subsidy ends after December, so you will pay the full premium ($1,000 or so) come January 2010.!!!
    Scary to think how misinformed she was. Don’t worry, I set her straight. :) We have through May 2010.
    Hope you having a good trip!

    16 Nov
  2. admin


    Hey you found me!

    16 Nov