Cruise on Down the Road

Holy long lonely highway batman! It occurred to me I have become nothing more than a person who turns lights on and off for realtors while I put my life on hold. Well enough of that it is time to head east and enjoy the holidays with friends and family like I am never usually able to do. There should be some serious upsides to this unemployment thing.

Normally one can enlist the services of a friend or acquaintance to be your house sitter without too much difficulty. However when you are requiring them to live with military precision so your house can still be shown to prospective buyers you are upping the difficulty factor. It is a good thing I have connections with the National Guard. Ted is now the man in charge at my place so I can head to Georgia for the holidays.

Since we all know I am not working I can petty much stay as long as I want to. I only need to be here to pack up the house when it sells. Sounds simple right? Not so much. What do I want to have with me for an extended stay? What do I have to have with me paper work wise? Have I taken care of all the pesky day to day stuff? Sherman’s’ march to Georgia was not this well planned!

I am driving and trying to beat the snow. Day one I narrowly avoided snow by hitting my first mountain pass at 10 am. Can my luck hold out? I will tell you this my friends, if you ever get a chance to drive though and around Oregon jump on it. This was one beautiful day of scenery!

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