Unemployment Southern Style

I could be upset about this or I could revel in the fact automation has not, for a change, replaced jobs. I have finally made it back to Georgia. To continue receiving unemployment benefits I had to register in the state of Georgian since I am no longer in Oregon. When I first registered in Oregon I did so on line, from the comfort of my home, while wearing my most disreputable sweats (hey there should be some reward for not having a job to get up and go to). Well here in the land of magnolia blossoms, cotton, and every poisonous snake indigenous to the United States we do things a little differently. We actually have to show up at the unemployment office….or as I now refer to it…..one giant germ factory.

The office was sadly over crowded. You were very close to every other stressed out, coughing, sneezing unemployed person. Very close. There is an upside. There is a very human face to this economic crisis. That said; it was somewhat de- humanizing to be one of the masses. A good lesson in humility or a good time to realize

your situation could be worse.

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  1. rlh3


    Good luck in your new life and have a successful 2009 holidays and a successful 2010.

    Best Wishes & Happy Holidays

    ps.. your xmas card will eventually show up after being forwarded if the post office does it job.

    07 Dec